Excerpt from Lee Kuan Yew’s writings on his ASEAN contemporaries

A post from social networking site – Facebook touched me. It’s a good post so I blog it. I hope pinoys will open their heart and mind to accept the information below like what I did. Enjoy!

– “THE PHILIPPINES was a world apart from us, running a different style of politics and government under an American military umbrella. It was not until January 1974 that I visited President Marcos in Manila. When my Singapore Airlines plane flew into Philippine airspace, a small squadron of Philippine Air Force jet fighters escorted it to Manila Airport. There Marcos received me in great style – the Filipino way. I was put up at the guest wing of Malacañang Palace in lavishly furnished rooms, valuable objects of art bought in Europe strewn all over. Our hosts were gracious, extravagant in hospitality, flamboyant.”

– “His (Marcos’) foreign minister, Carlos P. Romulo, was a small man of about five feet some 20 years my senior, with a ready wit and a self-deprecating manner about his size and other limitations..He did not hide his great admiration for the Americans His good standing with ASEAN leaders and with Americans increased the prestige of the Marcos administration. Marcos had in Romulo a man of honor and integrity who helped give a gloss of respectability to his regime as it fell into disrepute in the 1980s.”

– “In Bali in 1976, at the first ASEAN summit held after the fall of Saigon, I found Marcos keen to push for greater economic cooperation in ASEAN. Marcos and I agreed to implement a bilateral Philippines-Singapore across-the-board 10 percent reduction of existing tariffs on all products and to promote intra-ASEAN trade. We also agreed to lay a Philippines-Singapore submarine cable. I was to discover that for him, the communiqué was the accomplishment itself; its implementation was secondary, an extra to be discussed at another conference.”

– “We met every two to three years. He once took me on a tour of his library at Malacañang, its shelves filled with bound volumes of newspapers reporting his activities over the years since he first stood for elections. There were encyclopedia-size volumes on the history and culture of the Philippines with his name as the author. His campaign medals as an anti-Japanese guerrilla leader were displayed in glass cupboards. Imelda, his wife, had a penchant for luxury and opulence. When they visited Singapore before the Bali summit they came in style in two DC8’s, his and hers.”

-“International outrage over the killing (of Ninoy Aquino) resulted in foreign banks stopping all loans to the Philippines, which owed over US$25 billion and could not pay the interest due. This brought Marcos to the crunch. He sent his minister for trade and industry, Bobby Ongpin, to ask me for a loan of US$300-500 million to meet the interest payments. I looked him straight in the eye and said, “We will never see that money back.”

– “I added, everyone knew Marcos was seriously ill and under constant medication for a wasting disease. What was needed was a strong, healthy leader, not more loans.”

– “Shortly afterward, in February 1984, Marcos met me in Brunei at the sultanate’s independence celebrations. He had undergone a dramatic physical change. He was breathing hard as he spoke, his voice was soft, eyes bleary, and hair thinning. He looked most unhealthy. An ambulance with all the necessary equipment and a team of Filipino doctors were on standby outside his guest bungalow. Marcos spent much of the time giving me a most improbable story of how Aquino had been shot.”

– As soon as all our aides left, I went straight to the point, that no bank was going to lend him any money. They wanted to know who was going to succeed him if anything were to happen to him; all the bankers could see that he no longer looked healthy. Singapore banks had lent US$8 billion of the US$25 billion owing. The hard fact was they were not likely to get repayment for some 20 years.

– “He countered that it would be only eight years. I said the bankers wanted to see a strong leader in the Philippines who could restore stability, and the Americans hoped the election in May would throw up someone who could be such a leader. I asked whom he would nominate for the election. He said Prime Minister Cesar Virata.”

-” I was blunt. Virata was a nonstarter, a first-class administrator but no political leader; further, his most politically astute colleague, defense minister Juan Ponce Enrile, was out of favour. Marcos was silent, then he admitted that succession was the nub of the problem. If he could find a successor, there would be a solution. As I left, he said, “You are a true friend.” I did not understand him. It was a strange meeting.”

– ” With medical care, Marcos dragged on. Cesar Virata met me in Singapore in January the following year. He was completely guileless, a political innocent. He said that Mrs. Imelda Marcos was likely to be nominated as the presidential candidate. I asked how that could be when there were other weighty candidates, including Juan Ponce Enrile and Blas Ople, the labor minister. ”

– “Virata replied it had to do with “flow of money; she would have more money than other candidates to pay for the votes needed for nomination by the party and to win the election. He added that if she were the candidate, the opposition would put up Mrs. Cory Aquino and work up the people’s feelings. He said the economy was going down with no political stability.”

– “Mrs. Aquino was sworn in as president amid jubilation. I had hopes that this honest, God-fearing woman would help regain confidence for the Philippines and get the country back on track. I visited her that June, three months after the event. She was a sincere, devout Catholic who wanted to do her best for her country by carrying out what she believed her husband would have done had he been alive, namely, restore democracy to the Philippines.”

– Endless attempted coups added to Mrs. Aquino’s problems. The army and the constabulary had been politicized. There were more coup attempts, discouraging investments badly needed to create jobs.

– “This was a pity because they had so many able people, educated in the Philippines and the United States. Their workers were English-speaking. There was no reason why the Philippines should not have been one of the more successful of the ASEAN countries.”

– “In the 1950s and 1960s, it was the most developed, because America had been generous in rehabilitating the country after the war. Something was missing, a gel to hold society together. The people at the top, the elite mestizos, had the same detached attitude to the native peasants as the mestizos in their haciendas in Latin America had toward their peons. ”

– “They were two different societies: Those at the top lived a life of extreme luxury and comfort while the peasants scraped a living, and in the Philippines it was a hard living. They had no land but worked on sugar and coconut plantations. They had many children because the church discouraged birth control. The result was increasing poverty.”

-” ..the culture of the Filipino people: It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics. They supported the winning presidential and congressional candidates with their considerable resources and reappeared in the political and social limelight after the 1998 election that returned President Joseph Estrada.”

– “General Fabian Ver, Marcos’s commander-in-chief who had been in charge of security when Aquino was assassinated, had fled the Philippines together with Marcos in 1986. When he died in Bangkok, the Estrada government gave the general military honors at his burial.”

– “One Filipino newspaper, Today, wrote on 22 November 1998, “Ver, Marcos and the rest of the official family plunged the country into two decades of lies, torture, and plunder. Over the next decade, Marcos’s cronies and immediate family would tiptoe back into the country, one by one – always to the public’s revulsion and disgust, though they showed that there was nothing that hidden money and thick hides could not withstand.”

– “Some Filipinos write and speak with passion. If they could get their elite to share their sentiments and act, what could they not have achieved?”


The last quote is very true. Now, I’ll leave you with one question, what’s lacking in the Philippines? For me it’s a good and trusted leader.

Cheap Cool Handwritten YouTube Comments

Cool Cheap Handwritten YouTube Comments

YouTube video comments are the first thing that people consider in the midst of watching your video. Your comments may come in different types, forms, tone, and stand! Whenever I get notified that somebody left me a comment, I am pleased and grateful. But the most essential thing about receiving a comment is not the fact that you merely get one but the thought and notion that the viewer left after watching your video.

Video blogger (Vlogger) like me would love YouTube comments. I may have to ask my friends to watch my video and leave some good feedbacks just to attract the next random people who happen to watch my video. But to get YouTube comments is not as simple as “X + Y”. It’s as hard as coding!

Now, what to do and where to start? When you think for the harder way, you can go to social media sites. Share your video. Do some marketing strategy that will boost the exposure of your video. Then, check your success rates. For sure, after doing hard work and after all of your efforts, you will say that the success rate is not enough or worse you may not even get any result.

No Results?

Now, let’s think the easier way. Let’s look for cool websites that sell YouTube comments in the web and let them do the work! What you will gonna do? Nothing.

What are the websites that I’ve tried? Hmmm.. A lot! Hahaha…


Because before I have this thought that whatever is the website that Google put in the top result, they are the best. But, I thought it wrong. Google might have put that website in the top result for some reasons. And I can say that it’s not relevancy! Because I am hungry for these services, I happen to try a lot of different websites. Maybe, not all of the results in the search engine, but almost all of those that are listed in the first page. There is only one website that happens to give me the result that I’ve been longing for. They call themselves as Buy Real Marketing.

Buy Real Marketing

I believe aside from YouTube comments, they also offer a lot more YouTube related services like views, likes, and whatsoever. Though, I haven’t tried their views and likes service, I believe they are better as well. Aside from the fact that their services are cheap, the cool thing about this company is that they keep you on track with what’s going on with your order – they call this dashboard as “portal”.

Over all experience is cool. I wish to have savings next month for my next video upload. I’ll surely use their service again and again!

YouTube Comments

How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?


Today I got the very brilliant question: “How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?” and I answered the following:

“Through the method of practice of getting to know oneself. I view upon my thoughts as something that is a part of myself and I like to ask myself the questions: ‘why do I think in a pattern that gives birth to (in this case) negativity? Why do I put together the pieces in a way that distances myself from being able to see the world, scenario or a phenomenon in a way that is lesser appealing to my own well-being? Is it my past? Is it that I might be afraid of what might happen?’


In either way, I have realized that the mind is like a filter of the brain that in the end only displays my most inner subconscious perspective of my own life. If i am living in subconscious fear of anything, it is more likely that my awareness and thoughts will resonate with that attitude (fear). If however I choose to re-train my mind to uplift a compassionate view on the world, this life and indeed my very own thoughts in any given moment, I can begin to alter my state of mind in which one chooses to use. Naturally, this is a process that takes time and a whole deal of patience and discipline because one is implying to oneself that ‘Hey, I might have been wrong about a lot of things.’

negative thought
The shadow of fear and indeed our biggest enemy in such a process is our ego. The ego is fueled and stays alive by being fed thoughts and information which resonate with fear. Silence the mind. You are its master, not the other way around. Tools such as meditation, reading and music are great ways of turning attention inwards for that is what is needed. The quieter we become, the more we begin to hear. The more we hear from our own deepest self, the more we can being to eliminate or overcome.


To practice oneself to highlight and bring out the positive qualities of the mind is to forge a weapon truly stronger than any material object. It is a weapon of the soul. It is the establishment of an open link between the heart and the mind. These two put together will eliminate one’s own suffering in any way and give you the ability to constantly be self-aware. Otherwise you are nothing else but a slave to your own mind.” [Source]


After reading this article, I am inspired to share what had happened to me this afternoon.

I have experienced a very negative afternoon just today. After having lunch, I watch youtube video about “Vice” – my favorite comedy actress (She’s a gay and that doesn’t matter to me actually. I don’t look into the gender of the person. To make it short, I like her.).


She is so funny and so I laughed very hard. Very late, I realized, people in the office are bothered with my laughs and find it noisy. Every time I laugh, they will whisper, “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ”- Something that I didn’t hear because I am putting my headsets on. I am very shy at that time and wish that Earth will suddenly open and my chair will be going to eat me. I wish I will become invisible.

To at least reduce my embarrassment, I asked a bunch of people close to my heart. I ask them the same questions:


@ Have I made it so loud? My laugh? 😥

Friend A – Yes. And people are saying “shhhhhhh…”

Friend B – Yes. But, it’s okay.

Friend C – Yeah, but that’s okay. Don’t worry.

Friend D – No. Not really! And, one thing, it’s not against the law to laugh!

@ whew.. 😥 I can’t concentrate with my work. I am always thinking about what had happened.

Friend A – Just forget about what happened.

Friend B – Duuuh… Don’t think about it. It’s okay.

Friend C – …

Friend D – It’s not actually a big deal!

@ 😥

Friend A – No. Don’t cry, ma! It’s actually natural to show off our flaws. Without it, it’s no longer us! I have to go back to work. Talk to you later.

Friend B – don’t think about it na lang kasi.

Friend C – Work mode.

Friend D – (mute)

@ What if they are mad? And will nag at me? 😥

Friend B – Why are you so nega (negative)?

Friend C – Then, nag at them as well!

@ I felt like I will explode!

Friend B – Focus on your work instead! And forget about it.

Friend D – Just stop thinking about it.


Few minutes later…

Friend A – (sent a link [http://www.consciousness-evolution.org/?p=188])

##Conversation closed##


And so I realize, it had happened. I can’t turn back time. They saw my flaws, and then be it! It’s good that they knew something about me than not knowing me at all. It’s not my problem if they can’t accept my flaws.

I find it beneficial in my part that they saw something negative about me. It’s a lesson for me to adjust in times like this. I can minimize my voice when watching funny videos in youtube next time.

While writing this article, my heavy heart becomes lighter and lighter.

What about you? Do you have situations like mine? How do you do when feeling overwhelmed by negativity?

SEO Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Before anything else, let’s define SEO first. What is Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO? SEO is the application of endorsing a web site in order to boost the number of website’s visitors from search engines. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand. Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about “engines.” It’s about making your site better for people too.

SEO Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Most of the website visitors are driven from the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. This is true whether your site provides content, services, products, information or just about anything else.

Search engines are unique in that they provided targeted traffic – people looking for what you offer. If your site cannot be found by search engines or your content cannot be put into their databases, you miss out on incredible opportunities available to websites provided via search.

Search queries, the words that users type into the search box, carry extraordinary value. Experience has shown that search engine traffic can make (or break) an organization’s success. Targeted visitors to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Investing in SEO, whether through time or finances, can have an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion. (Source)

If you don’t have any background to SEO and you don’t know what to do first, have no worry, I will spoon feed you on how to do SEO.

  1. First thing first, go to google.com and search your website’s URL:

url search

Then, if you saw your website on top, that’s a good news because Google had crawled it. If it’s not in the search results, it means that Google don’t know yet that your website exists.

A Web crawler is a computer program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner or in an orderly fashion. Other terms for Web crawlers are ants, automatic indexers, bots,Web spiders,Web robots, or—especially in the FOAF community—Web scutters.

This process is called Web crawling or spidering. Many sites, in particular search engines, use spidering as a means of providing up-to-date data. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine that will index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches. Crawlers can also be used for automating maintenance tasks on a Web site, such as checking links or validating HTML code. Also, crawlers can be used to gather specific types of information from Web pages, such as harvesting e-mail addresses (usually for sending spam). (Source)

From there, you can easily make a plan or strategy on how to be on top of Google’s result.

To start with, let’s answer the following questions – How will Google know what your website is all about? How will you know that users/searchers had found you? What will you search to at least test that your SEO is working? The answer is Keyword. To find the best keyword to use, let’s do keyword research.

2.    Do keyword research. Usually, I consider the number of search volume and competition. There are a lot of tools that you can use in order for you to find the best keyword. One of which is the Google Keyword Tool [https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool].

3.    Use those keywords to optimize your website or blog. Choose one keyword to be your main keyword [I would suggest that you’ll choose your strongest keyword]. Make use of your strongest keyword in your url, Title and Description.

Website or blog title tags are shown in search results as follows:

title in search results

URLs are shown in search results as follows:

URL in search results

Descriptions are shown in search results as follows:

Description search results

Those parts of your blog should be optimized to get the desired results.

4.    Contents optimization. Make use of your keywords in the title of your article. Make sure that it is understandable by the users. Don’t write for Google, write for readers.

A good content is what Google is looking for. Make sure to write informative information for your users or visitors. NEVER SPAM!

5.    Ping your website so that Google will notice your changes. You can use PingFarm[pingfarm.com] to ping your site. Ping not just only your domain or main page, but all inner pages:

pinging website

As you can see, I am not only pinging my main url domain which is https://arialleeve.wordpress.com/ for I ping it’s inner page which is https://arialleeve.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/how-to-tell-if-a-website-is-a-scam/ as well.

Remember to always ping your pages once you have done changes. Wait until Google index your website and inner pages.

  1. 6.    Build links to gain page rank. Tell your friends to write something about you on their blog using your keyword.

The best place to build links is in social networking websites. Social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and G+. Share your ideas and tell your friends to share your posts. To successfully make things working, buy twitter followers, fans and plus1’s from reliable websites. Make sure that you are aware about scammers scattered in the web and is knowledgeable enough on how to tell if a website is a scam and read some reviews as well about the services you are planning to buy – BuyTwitterFollowers.org and QuickYouTubeViews.com. Good luck everyone.

How To Tell If A Website Is A Scam?

A lot of people are having a hard time in making decisions whether they will going to buy products online or not. What stopping us from purchasing online most of the time is because we are afraid if the site is real and not a scam. How to spot fraudulent Websites? I have here the list of ideas that you can used or considered before you purchase online to avoid scammers:

1. Check Website misspellings.

website misspelling

2. Check the date at the bottom (footer). If the site hasn’t been updated recently, there might be something wrong. Some websites are newly created and might have an updated date so, check it’s age by using any tool. Mine, I use seoquake.

copyright date

3. If you’re researching, check to see if the site is sponsored by any reputable sources such as an academic journal or a respected organization.


4. Always check the domain. “.org” and “.net” are the most reliable.

domain extensions

5. Overwhelming advertisments are a clear sign.


6. The site asks for unnecessary personal information.

site asks for unnecessary personal information

7. If a website asks you to login using your personal credentials, make sure you check the domain first. For example, if you are logging into Gmail, always make sure the domain name for the page you are on is the correct gmail.com.

Google Accounts

More likely, scammers are putting there website live and just earn thousands of money without sweating. Most of my friends are concern about buying twitter followers online. A lot of websites are selling twitter followers and they are afraid that they will end up buying to scammers. If you want to buy twitter followers, consider reading articles and reviews before you send money to a website such as BuyTwitterFollowers.org and BuyTwitterFollowersReview.org.

Here are Some Features of Scam or Fraud Website:

  •     No Contact Information or uses Only Contact Form. Refuses to give you a physical address or Gives Wrong Contact Information including Wrong Phone Number.
  •     Makes an offer that sounds too good to be true. For eg: Promises that you can win money, make money, orGet Rich Quickly.
  •     Asks for money to enter a contest, win a sweepstakes or lottery, or claim a prize and Refuses to send you written information before you agree to buy or donate.
  •     Refuses to give you the details of the offer before you make any payment.
  •     Requests your bank account or credit card number when you are not making a purchase with that account.
  •     Uses scare tactics or pressure, so that you act immediately.
  •     Private listing at Whois, or the listing names are associated with other scams. Go to www.whois.net and look up the Website domain name.

FAQ: Fixing Teeth Gaps the Orthofill Way


New topic here! While browsing into the web looking for a nice topic to share, I came across to an image (Madonna). Yes! It’s Madonna’s image. She’s a very famous singer in Hollywood. She got her fame together with the gap in between her teeth. In relation to that, I came across to a website named – Orthofill. They are selling bands online which are designed to close teeth gap.

Q: What is Orthofill?

A: Orthofill bands are the ultimate alternative for closing a tooth gap without the need of Orthodontic braces. Orthofill have been specifically manufactured in dental laboratories by Orthodontic professionals to provide an adaptive solution targeted only for minor gapped teeth. They are the small elastic bands that many dentists and orthodontics use with braces. But instead of threading them through the braces, you only need to roll a band over the gapped teeth. Orthofill bands mimic orthodontic braces and are made with a special premium grade elastic polymer that provides a calculated and gradual pressure on teeth to ensure safe and permanent gap closure. The technology behind Orthofill is innovative, appropriate use of Orthofill bands can close teeth gaps permanently without any side effects.

Q: Why Orthofill?

A: Orthodontist uses braces and bands to close the tooth gap — process that can take up to 3 years and cost thousands of dollars. Orthofill gives you teeth bands you can use yourself every night, which closes a tooth gap in a matter of three months. It is easy, safe and very affordable compared to braces.

Q: Is Orthofill applicable for any sizes of teeth gap?

A: Orthofill bands are not recommended for teeth gap more than 3.5mm wide. To measure the gap, you can ask for assistance to measure your gap with a small ruler or measuring tape.

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Q: How wide is 3.5mm?

A: 3.5mm can be compared to the thickness of two pennies put together or less than that.

Q: Is there an age requirement to use Orthofill?

A: The use of Orthofill is not recommended for people under 16 years old because the teeth structure is still in development. For people who are too young, chances are that your gap will close by itself when new adult teeth are fully formed. This is not also recommended for people with delicate or crooked teeth. For both cases, we suggest dentist consultation first to avoid side effects and undesirable results.

Q: Is Orthofill expensive? If so, how much?

A: Orthofill are the cheapest and the first alternative to braces. Learn about its pricing here – http://www.orthofill.com/packages.html.

Q: Will it still be applicable for multiple gaps?

A: Orthofill bands fix and close even multiple gaps as long as they are not more than 3.5mm. If you have more than one gap we suggest you to focus on one at a time.  The process is the same and thousands of our customers have successfully closed their gap this way.

Q: Does Orthofill create new gap in the side after fixing the gap between front teeth?

A: If your teeth gap is less than 3.5mm, it won’t create new gaps. The motion of teeth is not linear – thus as your teeth come together, a pressure will be created on your gums which will cause your teeth arch to contract so no new gap should appear. If you start to notice a new gap forming, use Orthofill bands on that gap to close it, this will fix the problem.

Q: Sounds interesting! Where Orthofill can be purchased?

A: Orthofill bands can only be bought online, through http://www.orthofill.com/. Pricing here – http://www.orthofill.com/packages.html. The bands are shipped worldwide using Canada Postal Service.

Side Note: Thank you very much Christine Codin for your time and answers.

Continue reading FAQ: Fixing Teeth Gaps the Orthofill Way

Contact lenses

It’s been so long since I updated this blog. Kind of busy with my internship. Well, I have to share this amazing experience with my contact lens. Yeah, you read it right – I wore contact lenses.


contact lenses inside a case

These are my contact lenses put inside a case…

before contact lens

hahhaha.. just want to share my eye without contact lens.. that’s my left eye.. 🙂

eye with contact lens

And here is my eye with contact lens… I cried that’s why you can see red color in my eye… It’s not really painful, it’s itchy that caused my tears to fall.

It took me an hour and 18 minutes to put my lenses… XD

about to put in the eye

Since it is my first time, I can’t control my eye and it keeps on moving. And, if it moves like that, it’s harder to put my contact lenses on.

contact lens on

That’s it! I have my contact lens on just today..

Dale Carnegie : Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

I have just conquered my fear! Do the same. Not just through contact lenses but to some other things… Have a blessed morning everyone.. 🙂


Get a work. That’s what human mind always dictate once you get to the point that you are about to graduate. I am a third year college and is currently doing an OJT. I went to the point that I am pressured by my own mind that in this age, I have to get a job. But the question is.. where to find the best jobs in Cebu?

Cebu Tech Jobs.com

Cebutechjobs.comhas the reliable list of local jobs in Cebu. If you are searching for a local job, make sure you are on the right path – look for cebutechjobs.com. They offer free job post for employers and jobseekers profile.

Cebutechjobs.com is set to officially launch to the public on June 18, 2012. To kick it off with a blast, they are giving away amazing prizes to three (3) lucky individuals!

Mechanics of the contest are as follows:

•    Register and complete a jobseeker profile on cebutechjobs.com

•    Share this contest via two options:

   –   Facebook

►    Like Cebutechjobs.com on Facebook

►   Share this on to your wall:

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►   Follow @cebutechjobs on Twitter

►   Tweet this on your feed:

“I just joined the cebutechjobs.com launch! http://www.cebutechjobs.com/contest #jobsatcebutechjobs”

And you’re done! It’s that simple and easy. So why not join the contest today?

Contest is open to Central Visayas Residents aged between 18 to 50 years old.

For the complete list of the Terms & Conditions, visit their website at www.cebutechjobs.com/contest.

ctj promo flyer (4 x 5.5) BACK FINAL

Photoshop Tool: Slice Tool

Slice tool is used to divide an image into sections. This is very useful when you have a design layout for your website and want to slice them to get the same image output as that of the image. There are actually two tools under it: Slice which has the capabilities to divide / slice an image. The other one is Slice Select (from the name itself) which lets you select and modify a sliced section.

I gathered these videos from youtube that will help you understand slicing more:

Slice Tool – Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Tips – Slice Tool

Aside from those videos above, here is another useful information from Adobe Help Page:

Slices are categorized by their content type (Table, Image, No Image) and by the way they are created (user, layer-based, auto).
Slices created with the Slice tool are called user slices; slices created from a layer are called layer-based slices. When you create a new user slice or layer-based slice, additional auto slices are generated to account for the remaining areas of the image. In other words, auto slices fill the space in the image that is not defined by user slices or layer-based slices. Auto slices are regenerated every time you add or edit user slices or layer‑based slices. You can convert auto slices to user slices.
User slices, layer-based slices, and auto slices look different—user slices and layer-based slices are defined by a solid line, whereas auto slices are defined by a dotted line. In addition, user slices and layer-based slices display a distinct icon. You can choose to show or hide auto slices, which can make your work with user-slices and layer-based slices easier to view.
A subslice is a type of auto slice that is generated when you create overlapping slices. Subslices indicate how the image is divided when you save the optimized file. Although subslices are numbered and display a slice symbol, you cannot select or edit them separately from the underlying slice. Subslices are regenerated every time you arrange the stacking order of slices.

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