FAQ: Fixing Teeth Gaps the Orthofill Way


New topic here! While browsing into the web looking for a nice topic to share, I came across to an image (Madonna). Yes! It’s Madonna’s image. She’s a very famous singer in Hollywood. She got her fame together with the gap in between her teeth. In relation to that, I came across to a website named – Orthofill. They are selling bands online which are designed to close teeth gap.

Q: What is Orthofill?

A: Orthofill bands are the ultimate alternative for closing a tooth gap without the need of Orthodontic braces. Orthofill have been specifically manufactured in dental laboratories by Orthodontic professionals to provide an adaptive solution targeted only for minor gapped teeth. They are the small elastic bands that many dentists and orthodontics use with braces. But instead of threading them through the braces, you only need to roll a band over the gapped teeth. Orthofill bands mimic orthodontic braces and are made with a special premium grade elastic polymer that provides a calculated and gradual pressure on teeth to ensure safe and permanent gap closure. The technology behind Orthofill is innovative, appropriate use of Orthofill bands can close teeth gaps permanently without any side effects.

Q: Why Orthofill?

A: Orthodontist uses braces and bands to close the tooth gap — process that can take up to 3 years and cost thousands of dollars. Orthofill gives you teeth bands you can use yourself every night, which closes a tooth gap in a matter of three months. It is easy, safe and very affordable compared to braces.

Q: Is Orthofill applicable for any sizes of teeth gap?

A: Orthofill bands are not recommended for teeth gap more than 3.5mm wide. To measure the gap, you can ask for assistance to measure your gap with a small ruler or measuring tape.

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Q: How wide is 3.5mm?

A: 3.5mm can be compared to the thickness of two pennies put together or less than that.

Q: Is there an age requirement to use Orthofill?

A: The use of Orthofill is not recommended for people under 16 years old because the teeth structure is still in development. For people who are too young, chances are that your gap will close by itself when new adult teeth are fully formed. This is not also recommended for people with delicate or crooked teeth. For both cases, we suggest dentist consultation first to avoid side effects and undesirable results.

Q: Is Orthofill expensive? If so, how much?

A: Orthofill are the cheapest and the first alternative to braces. Learn about its pricing here – http://www.orthofill.com/packages.html.

Q: Will it still be applicable for multiple gaps?

A: Orthofill bands fix and close even multiple gaps as long as they are not more than 3.5mm. If you have more than one gap we suggest you to focus on one at a time.  The process is the same and thousands of our customers have successfully closed their gap this way.

Q: Does Orthofill create new gap in the side after fixing the gap between front teeth?

A: If your teeth gap is less than 3.5mm, it won’t create new gaps. The motion of teeth is not linear – thus as your teeth come together, a pressure will be created on your gums which will cause your teeth arch to contract so no new gap should appear. If you start to notice a new gap forming, use Orthofill bands on that gap to close it, this will fix the problem.

Q: Sounds interesting! Where Orthofill can be purchased?

A: Orthofill bands can only be bought online, through http://www.orthofill.com/. Pricing here – http://www.orthofill.com/packages.html. The bands are shipped worldwide using Canada Postal Service.

Side Note: Thank you very much Christine Codin for your time and answers.

About Orthofill:

Orthofill is a company owned by Clicking Labs, Inc. that started in May 2010.With dedication and perseverance; they were able to bring together a team of multi-talented individuals to provide the world with creative and interesting marketing strategies to drive success to its clients. It has stations in Ontario, Canada and Cebu, Philippines.

Sources: Orthofill and PRWeb

The technology behind Orthofill is innovative, appropriate use of Orthofill bands can close teeth gaps permanently without any side effects.

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    I also tried Orthofill Bands and it worked for me

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