How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?


Today I got the very brilliant question: “How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?” and I answered the following:

“Through the method of practice of getting to know oneself. I view upon my thoughts as something that is a part of myself and I like to ask myself the questions: ‘why do I think in a pattern that gives birth to (in this case) negativity? Why do I put together the pieces in a way that distances myself from being able to see the world, scenario or a phenomenon in a way that is lesser appealing to my own well-being? Is it my past? Is it that I might be afraid of what might happen?’


In either way, I have realized that the mind is like a filter of the brain that in the end only displays my most inner subconscious perspective of my own life. If i am living in subconscious fear of anything, it is more likely that my awareness and thoughts will resonate with that attitude (fear). If however I choose to re-train my mind to uplift a compassionate view on the world, this life and indeed my very own thoughts in any given moment, I can begin to alter my state of mind in which one chooses to use. Naturally, this is a process that takes time and a whole deal of patience and discipline because one is implying to oneself that ‘Hey, I might have been wrong about a lot of things.’

negative thought
The shadow of fear and indeed our biggest enemy in such a process is our ego. The ego is fueled and stays alive by being fed thoughts and information which resonate with fear. Silence the mind. You are its master, not the other way around. Tools such as meditation, reading and music are great ways of turning attention inwards for that is what is needed. The quieter we become, the more we begin to hear. The more we hear from our own deepest self, the more we can being to eliminate or overcome.


To practice oneself to highlight and bring out the positive qualities of the mind is to forge a weapon truly stronger than any material object. It is a weapon of the soul. It is the establishment of an open link between the heart and the mind. These two put together will eliminate one’s own suffering in any way and give you the ability to constantly be self-aware. Otherwise you are nothing else but a slave to your own mind.” [Source]


After reading this article, I am inspired to share what had happened to me this afternoon.

I have experienced a very negative afternoon just today. After having lunch, I watch youtube video about “Vice” – my favorite comedy actress (She’s a gay and that doesn’t matter to me actually. I don’t look into the gender of the person. To make it short, I like her.).


She is so funny and so I laughed very hard. Very late, I realized, people in the office are bothered with my laughs and find it noisy. Every time I laugh, they will whisper, “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ”- Something that I didn’t hear because I am putting my headsets on. I am very shy at that time and wish that Earth will suddenly open and my chair will be going to eat me. I wish I will become invisible.

To at least reduce my embarrassment, I asked a bunch of people close to my heart. I ask them the same questions:


@ Have I made it so loud? My laugh? 😥

Friend A – Yes. And people are saying “shhhhhhh…”

Friend B – Yes. But, it’s okay.

Friend C – Yeah, but that’s okay. Don’t worry.

Friend D – No. Not really! And, one thing, it’s not against the law to laugh!

@ whew.. 😥 I can’t concentrate with my work. I am always thinking about what had happened.

Friend A – Just forget about what happened.

Friend B – Duuuh… Don’t think about it. It’s okay.

Friend C – …

Friend D – It’s not actually a big deal!

@ 😥

Friend A – No. Don’t cry, ma! It’s actually natural to show off our flaws. Without it, it’s no longer us! I have to go back to work. Talk to you later.

Friend B – don’t think about it na lang kasi.

Friend C – Work mode.

Friend D – (mute)

@ What if they are mad? And will nag at me? 😥

Friend B – Why are you so nega (negative)?

Friend C – Then, nag at them as well!

@ I felt like I will explode!

Friend B – Focus on your work instead! And forget about it.

Friend D – Just stop thinking about it.


Few minutes later…

Friend A – (sent a link [])

##Conversation closed##


And so I realize, it had happened. I can’t turn back time. They saw my flaws, and then be it! It’s good that they knew something about me than not knowing me at all. It’s not my problem if they can’t accept my flaws.

I find it beneficial in my part that they saw something negative about me. It’s a lesson for me to adjust in times like this. I can minimize my voice when watching funny videos in youtube next time.

While writing this article, my heavy heart becomes lighter and lighter.

What about you? Do you have situations like mine? How do you do when feeling overwhelmed by negativity?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice post…..:) God bless
    and may you continue to be positive in your life….sometimes mind is one of our greatest enemy but if we tame it it’s good things will come.

    1. arialleeve says:

      Thanks.. you too.. be positive.. 🙂

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