Online Shopping Website in Dubai, UAE

It’s been what – 3 years? I miss this feeling wherein my mind is faster than my typing skills. I’ve been very busy lately that I have not done any updates to the blog. But here I am again, working on something to serve everyone – any information to help and guide my readers. 


I am currently working in Dubai and as a busy person I always make sure that everything is in order and to opt to do something more comfortable and reliant. I can’t wait to introduce to you an amazing online shopping website located in Dubai, UAE. They call themselves – MARHABHA.


What’s so special about them that makes me want to introduce to you all? Here are just “some” of the many points:



They have been in the business for roughly 2 years yet they already made a name in the industry. If you look into Quora, you will see that marhabha is now added in the list of best online shopping websites in the said country. Not just that, they have made a name as the “newest” competitor of the other online shopping websites that are already in the business for at least 10 years! How cool is that?



Selling branded items online may be a challenge for some. Hence for new ecommerce website like Marhabha, they have already published 200+ brands. And I must say, so far with all the items I bought from the said website, all are authentic! 



I am not very sure if this is just me or they really have fast order delivery. Let’s say I place an order tonight, they will call me the next morning and verify my address for delivery. Also, they have a very friendly delivery guy (I guess he’s inhouse).



I have talked to their chat support team and they are very sweet and helpful. This is one of their edge, I must say. Not just that, a toll-free number is also available! 


Did I already mentioned that they are awesome? Oh you must see my amazing bag bought online – It’s ANDRE! This is used for roughly 3 months already and still loving it.

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  1. Recycling says:

    I also believe is one of the best online shopping website in Dubai.

  2. Recycling says:

    Nice bag right there. I might add that ANDRE bags are not a joke. I love the brand

  3. Mickie says:

    I bought my jacket from Marhabha too.

  4. Mickie says:

    Being a blogger is not easy.

  5. SEO says:

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  6. Janeta says:

    Are all their products original?

    1. arialleeve says:

      Yes. They are selling original products from 200+ brands.

  7. Roxann says:

    How big is this bag? I want an ANDRE too

  8. Watch Out says:


  9. Maricel says:

    Write something about others too.

  10. Marci says:

    Online shopping in Dubai, UAE is the best way to do shopping. With the strict implementation of government, I’m sure you won’t get scammed.

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