Dubai Rain

We have been wondering when the hot weather ends here in Dubai since we are now in the middle of November. But just last Sunday, everyone in Dubai is happy to have finally experienced a rainfall!

Rainfall. To some of us, this is just a normal weather but for people in Dubai, this is a rare one. We here in Dubai are very happy to have witnessed a downpour. Can you actually blame us? It doesn’t rain all that often here in Dubai. We only experience rain in the average of 5 times a year.

The rain last Sunday is also said to be the start of the Winter Season. The cool wind is evident after the said downpour.

During morning walk, it’s refreshing to see people starting to pull off coats to be more comfortable in this nice weather.

Last Sunday rain shower is a bit unexpected but how did I come prepared? Well, technology is really something.

My morning routine includes reading prior to taking a bath. While scrolling through my mobile phone, Google notification showed that I have to expect for a rain today. So always be ready and aware of the current weather and do not ignore your browser notifications. Keep safe, everyone!

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