Online Gambling in Singapore

I am not a gambler of money but I am a gambler of life choices. I know how it feels to be scammed or some sort. I will introduce you to one online gambling website I know and trusted. They call themselves – 3WEBET.

Dubai Rain

We have been wondering when the hot weather ends here in Dubai since we are now in the middle of November. But just last Sunday, everyone in Dubai is happy to have finally experienced a rainfall! Rainfall. To some of us, this is just a normal weather but for people in Dubai, this is a…

Dubai Frame

My office is just a walking distance from the place where I stay so going to and back from my workplace is not just convenient but also practical (I don’t have to set a budget for fare allowance). On my way to the office every morning, the frame will greet me. It’s like a part…

Cheap Cool Handwritten YouTube Comments

Video blogger (Vlogger) like me would love YouTube comments. I may have to ask my friends to watch my video and leave some good feedbacks just to attract the next random people who happen to watch my video. But to get YouTube comments is not as simple as “X + Y”. It’s as hard as coding!

Is God Real: Do you Believe in God?

I am touched once again from this conversation. I was like laughing and realizing – I don’t understand how to react. You have to read this and reflect as well. Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ? Student : Yes, sir. Professor: So, you believe in GOD ? Student : Absolutely, sir….

How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?

Today I got the very brilliant question: “How can one cure the mind from negative thoughts?” and I answered the following: “Through the method of practice of getting to know oneself. I view upon my thoughts as something that is a part of myself and I like to ask myself the questions: ‘why do I…

SEO Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Before anything else, let’s define SEO first. What is Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO? SEO is the application of endorsing a web site in order to boost the number of website’s visitors from search engines. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines…