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YouTube: The Monster Search Engine You Can’t Ignore

You probably already know this: YouTube is now the second largest search engine, having displaced Yahoo Search earlier this year. So, that’s big. And now that YouTube has a spiffy new interface, it’s a good time to think about (or rethink) your video content and promotion strategies.

youtubeAs I’ve discussed before, video is an increasingly potent and effective way to drive leads, demand generation and sales, both for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. Setting up and managing an effective YouTube channel has gotten a little easier with the new YouTube design. Moreover, Promoted Video Ads in YouTube search results pages, which are a lot like AdWords ads in Google SRPs (surprise, surprise), can be a very effective way to drive traffic to your video content and YouTube Channel. (More about that in a moment.)

While there are a few new things in the YouTube design (most notably better social sharing and customizable channels), all the features you’re accustomed to are still there. Which means there’s more opportunity than ever to leverage your YouTube channel to meet key objectives. Be sure you learn about how best to set up and optimize your YouTube channel, including the new search and social features, and be sure you’ve properly branded and organized your channel with links to your website, Facebook Page and Twitter channel.

Once this is accomplished, given the range of features now available, you should be asking yourself these questions for each video you upload to your channel:

1.  Did my audience watch it? Track how many views each of your videos has gotten.  Critically review your most popular videos to learn from your successes and to apply those lessons to future projects.

2.   Did my audience click? In the video description field, use opportunities to add links to your website, and include special offers with links to dedicated landing pages. Track clicks on those links and see how  well they convert.

3.   Did my audience share it? YouTube audiences can now share videos they like instantly across their Google+ Circles, Facebook friends and Twitter followers, among others. So you’ll want to track the number of times any given video has been shared.

4.  Did my audience subscribe? The new interface makes organizing and checking in on all your channel subscriptions a lot easier, and, overall, it’s more intuitive now. As a result, more people than ever will be subscribing to channels they want to follow, so be sure you’re optimizing for and tracking subscriptions.

Remember, it’s critically important that you’re using Descriptions, Tags and Categories to their fullest advantage when publishing a new video to your channel. It will optimize your content and channel for organic search results on YouTube and Google.  Also, where possible, enable comments in order to fully engaged your community. Finally, be helpful to your community. Use the new Feed feature to provide updates to them, highlight videos you like and to impart information about your company.

And about that advertising I was talking about? Promoted Video Ads help to drive traffic to video content and your channel. In the same way that Google highlights text ads at the top of search results, YouTube features promoted videos at the top of a list of video search results. Promoted Video Ads also enable the addition of overlays to videos that include links back to your website, microsite or dedicated landing page.  It’s the perfect way to “embed” a clickable link on your own videos.

As always, organizing your keyword lists, bidding strategy, budget and click goals are all critical. If you’re already using a third-party search marketing tool like Marin Software or Kenshoo, you should be able to organize your YouTube campaigns using it.



GET TO KNOW ARIALLEEVE MORE (for my ‘makukulits’ na friends)


Hi there! Arialleeve here. Just a short description about me – I am the one you’ve seen in the picture above. hehe… very short! But kidding aside, I have made this post because most of my friends are still asking me who is Arialleeve? “Arialleeve is always showing her back can we see her with a front – view image?” That is why this past few days if you have noticed, I changed the image of my gravatar to a front – view image.


I thought, the idea would let them stop to “kulit” me about Arialleeve. haizt… but I thought it wrong! After they saw the image, they want me to create a post that would really review and “lantad” my identity. tsk,.,tsk,., Here is Arialleeve!

I am Joan Villariaza. I’m 18 years of age. Some of my high school friends called me Miss Math (heheh,.. addict to numbers – some says). Nickname? hmmnn.. my nickname at home given by my parents is “bunso” or “youngest” in English because I am the youngest among my siblings. Talking about my friend outside our house, they called me “Jo” and some called me “An”. hehe… make sense? to form Joan! Obviously!

Let’s talk about cats – going back when I was young, I love playing with cats. I love their hair, their eyes, everything about cats! I love it! Until one day, I slept my cat and as her defense, she bit me. 😦 Which give me the idea of hating all the cats. But that was before! I love cats again, NOW!

Let’s talk about chess – I don’t really know how to play chess! Until one night, my cousin Edwin play with our neighbors. He play the game very well. He won – Which give me the courage to study chess’ moves and to learn how to play it! I am very competitive with my cousins when I was young! I am eager to have everything that they have and learn what they knew! Because I also want to win, I ask our teacher in high school to let me play the chess competition in our school. I won (2nd place) in Female category! After that, my mother bought me a chess board – very big one! That’s the history of my chess – life. heheh,..

Let’s talk about numbers – I hate math when I was young like other teens. I hate problem solving… etc.. But what give me the courage to face numbers is my “laziness”! haha… you may wonder why! Each student has their own favorite subject. Because I’m competitive (healthy competition), I want to have one favorite subject as well. I first love English! (english?) BUT there are a lot of things to write down as notes, a lot of things to remember and memorize to form a thought! AND I HATE IT! Because of my laziness, I learned to love Mathematics. In Math subject, you don’t need to think if your sentence is in right grammar. In Mathematics, you don’t need to write down notes… All you see are numbers! PLAIN NUMBERS! No need to take notes! All you need is to understand the formula and after that, no more! haha.. all of that give me a hint to love Mathematics very much.

Let’s talk about food – hehe.. my favorite topic! haha… My favorite food is SPAGHETTI. Some says that spaghetti is not as good as salad! hmpf… I love it… no matter what they say! haha,,. When I am out of mood, I love to eat!  When I have nothing to eat, I am not in good mood! tsk..tsk.. That’s Arialleeve! hehe.. Wanna know more? Drop your questions below under comment!

Photoshop Tool: Magic Wand Tool


Magic Wand tool allows you to select an area of an image based on its edge colour. If you want to create a selection for your face and want to disregard your background, this tool is very helpful for you. You may think about using the pen tool which is everyone’s first choice of doing crops and selection. But you may encounter problem such as inaccurate edges and some fails of selecting an edge.

Thmagic wande magic wand tool will cut your problem off your chest. If you don’t know what it’s look like, the magic wand tool looks like a magic wand in fairy tales. Try opening an image file. Click an area on your image using a magic wand tool. As noticed, all areas that has similar colour are selected.

You can do a lot of changes with the use of your options bar. You can change your tolerance value fro

m 0 to 255.


Note: the higher the tolerance, the larger the selection.

You can check the anti-aliased to define a smooth edge to the selection. If you want to only select an area which is joined together, you check the contiguous. Check Use All Layers to select areas from all layers.


Please see the above image for options 🙂

Photoshop Tool: Lasso Tool


Lasso tools allow you to select certain areas of an image by tracing the selection outline. Like the Marquee tool, Lasso has different tools available as well:

According to mediacollege.com,

Lasso Tool

This is a freehand selection tool. Click and hold your left mouse button on the image and draw your selection.

Polygonal Lasso Tool

Similar to the lasso tool, except that instead of holding your mouse button down to draw, left-click on various points to create a selection with a series of straight edges.

You can also hold down the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac OS) to draw freehand sections.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

This is a very handy tool for selecting areas which have reasonably well-defined edges. Left-click at the starting point of your selection and simply move the mouse along the edge.

“Fastening points” are automatically made at various points along the edges. Left-click at any time to add a fastening point manually.

To Complete a Selection

To finish drawing a selection, either click on the selection starting point or double-click anywhere.

Well, a lasso tool works somewhat like the marquee as well. It also creates a marquee to your image and you can use the move tool to move it. 🙂