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New Chapter: The come back!


Is it a month since you heard a my last blog post? Nope, maybe two. For my long day of silence, I am coming back for good to share again another chapter of my learning after the Ipv6 session.

Have you learnt something on my past posts? Let me give you a recap:

IPv6 for beginners – I gave highlights of IPV6 for those who are new in this term.

Introduction – I have stated all about me. Few are asking and telling me to make a post that only tackles who I am! So, I made a post for them.

Link Local Address – It defines what a Link Local Address is.

IPv6 Network AddressIPv6 Network Address corresponds to the first 64 bits of the 128 bits IPv6 address.

IPv6: No ARPWhat corresponds to ARP in IPv4 to IPv6.

Convert: IPv6 to IPv4 – Explains how to convert IPV6 to IPv4 and vice versa.

Aside from these stuffs, I have made a blog about those unrelated to IT as well:

Things Need to be Addressed! and Sorry: Easy to say, Hard To Mean.

You can go to my personal blog which has a tag of The best diary ever.