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Things Need to be Addressed!

This is not a real story.

I am not prepared to sleep but my foot lead me to my room. My parents notice me walking with a heavy foot. They tried to stopped me but I didn’t. They’ve shouted but I didn’t hear them. They’ve call out my name, but I still continue.

As I open the door, I went inside and slap the door close at my back. At this point, I found my self leading into my big cabinet. I don’t know why but, it’s like somebody ask me to go there – to see and witness what’s in there.

I am awake and went back to my real mind. And, I found my self shouting in front of the big mirror.

I saw.. I saw.. I saw.. a girl who’s in complete make – up and dressed with white.

Isn’t it just yesterday when I am a little girl? With so many suitors? with peers asking me for a date? Now, I am heading into the church for my wedding and found myself saying “I Do” to the priest as a sign of accepting my husband.

Now, Who’s that girl in the mirror? I am having a hard time with my husband. I am loved at first. He always reminds me of taking care of my self. But, a year after I deliver our first baby, I became a battered wife. And it’s too late for me to realize. I am not ready to be settled. To be away from my parents – my family. I am only 20. I am young! Why have I made decisions this fast? Now, I found my self writing a letter for everyone – for my parents, my brothers, sisters and to my daughter. I made them realize how hard my life gone in the hand of my husband. That I can’t take to go back! I jumped into the building and leave the paper into my table. Putting in my mind that for sure – “They will understand!”.