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Sorry: Easy to Say! Hard to Mean!

Once committed with a mistake, “sorry” become easy to speak. We keep on mentioning this term but nobody mean it! Saying sorry is sacred for some people. Some found it as an ordinary term.

Saying sorry is somewhat like saying I Love You! When you say sorry, it is a must that you mean it! Just like I Love You! Sorry comes in many languages. Sorry is not only mention in English. There are Africans and Albanians that are using the translation of it in their language. Saying sorry nowadays is very common. No matter how big or small the mistake that was made to a person, sorry is still mentioned. Though some uses or mentioned it just like an ordinary term, there are also some that really mean the term.

Most of the time, when a girl hurt a boy, they cry and feel pity for her self. She would feel as if she’s the most evil person in this world. In this situation, she find saying sorry very difficult. No matter how big or small the mistake is. No matter how close are you with the person involve. No matter what! A girl still found it difficult to spell.

On the other hand with a boy hurting a girl, it’s easy for them to say sorry and act as if they are concern but hard to believe that they mean it! For them, it is very easy to say, but very hard to mean.

But not all the time, same thing will happen. Sometimes, what will happen is another way around.